Los Alamos National Laboratory

Industrial Sponsors

The 2017 International FEL Conference to be held in Santa Fe, NM, USA 21-25 August 2017, will provide an opportunity, to a limited number of companies, to co-sponsor the event and be highlighted throughout the event. Commercial, academic, and government sponsors will receive recognition on our website and in the conference programs. In addition, during the conference, signs are posted recognizing all our contributors.


General Conference Sponsorship

There are also limited event hosting opportunities available:

Poster Session Snacks - 3 available
Sunday Night Bites – for early check-in
Monday Welcome Reception
Thursday Conference Banquet

The Wednesday Conference Banquet also offers dedicated signage in the event area, as well as logo napkins available to all attendees.



Questions & Contact

For more information on sponsorships and hosting contact Cynnamon Spain at:

Email: Cynnamon@CynCS.com

Call: 505-796-5660